Cigarette before and after.
1. (before) Dude wanna have a butt with me?
2. (after) Don't throw your fucking cigarette butts at me.
by Lelvin August 21, 2007
1. a part of your body

2. a stupid person
1. Wow, Look at Jennifer Lopez's butt!!!

2. That girl is such a butt.
by Rebekah Rivers June 27, 2006
B low
U pp
T he
T toliet
when you state you need to butt. Meaning you need to blow up the toliet.
by collegecoolguy January 17, 2009
a diseas in which you suddenly need to finger your own asshole. there are some sick fucks out there.

"man did you hear that dave has Butts, his hands stink!'
by Splashtastic22 January 27, 2009
An indirect, nicer way of referring to the vagina.

Not used when a distinction from the ass is necessary.
My sister was complaining earlier that her butt itches.
Tampons go in your butt.
It may feel good to squeeze your butt when you really have to pee.
by Norah Jones May 03, 2008
A thing with a hole and poop comes out of it.It makes very sudden noises at very special times.Always wipe your "butt" after you poop or it will smell very bad.
Sometimes when I fart my "butt" smells like ass.
by somebody March 28, 2005
adj; Cool, awesome, radical.

Person 1: Guess what? I just downloaded a bunch of songs for free on the Internet!

Person 2: Dude, that's butt!
by Doctor Phunk July 10, 2008

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