a body part on the underside of the thigh also called a booty.
my butt hurt from sitting down.
by mr.doodly May 18, 2016
1: A squishy body part that people slap.

2: A mushy material that produces chocolate syrup
My butt is very squishy!
Under your back called bottom booty and buttux
I scratched my butt on camera and felt very embarrassed.
by Eddynahfx January 04, 2015
two flaps of skin and muscle that help to control the legs, while ironically located in the middle of the body, though called the bottom at times. also a person who shows the traits of a buttocks (spitting shit, releasing obnoxious gasses, target for slapping, ect.)
You're a butt, you know that?
by A-person_yay February 19, 2014
butt: collection of mucle and tissue whick form a rounded protrusion often resulting in a beautiful obstruction

2: an asshole
nice butt

you butt
by zim July 07, 2003
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