Under your back called bottom booty and buttux
I scratched my butt on camera and felt very embarrassed.
by Eddynahfx January 04, 2015
#butts are amazing, if you don't use #butts you clearly don't know what butt is, #butts are awesome because #BUTTS are universal, everyone has them, you know what you're talking about if someone is talking about da #butts.# Butts make funny sounds aswell yep they can slip out FARTS, everyone loves farts, but not always the smell. there are also several other names for #butts including, fart kingdom, fleshy whoopy cushion, sweet buns, southern hemisphere pillow and jiggly personal bean bag chair.
eugine-'oh my golly gosh i saw some splendid BUTTS today '

benedict-'i know eugine, i know they are everywhere'
by SHELDON! April 30, 2013
not meaning what everyone would think. describing something as cool or appealing.
That movie was really butt
by just another homeless romantic April 26, 2011
A slang word used in Wales, especially South Wales instead of words such as dude or man, but used much more frequently than such words.
"Yo, butt. You goin' down the pub for a pint of Strongbow?"

"Nah, butt. Goin' to Halfords to get a Kenwood stereo like."

"OK, butt."
by Aled-from-da-hills July 22, 2009
Referring to something or someone wack;
What you did yesterday was real butt!
by Rif SCD July 16, 2011
A person who is ugly.
Man, that girl is really butt/
by Donnyforthree January 25, 2011
being not quite a bum but just not giving two shits about any thing somone who will hit or break things for no aparent reason and loves too brak stuff when drunk
man did you guys see that butt at the bus stop yester day he was just sleeping on the bench what a butt
by master george666 May 13, 2009

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