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In the 2001 edition of Ripley's Believe It Or Not, the story of a man named jeffrey summers lost his tongue in a freak accident and had a section of his behind used to create a tongue so that he would retain the ability to speak.

The result of having a section of your ass removed to serve as a replacement for your tongue which has been destroyed due to unwarrented participation in certain intriguing activities.
Oh my god, that guy on ripley's believe it or not has a piece of his ass as a tongue!

That guy's butt tongue is hairy... cus it came from his asshole.

Hey look at Colin's hairy butt tongue!
by realeditor March 16, 2009
A slang term for a man's penis. This is normally accompanied by a pair of testicles.
Justin: Man, I think I have an STD on my wang.

Tyler: Have a canker sore on your butt tongue, huh? That sucks.

Justin: Butt tongue?

Tyler: Didn't you listen in anatomy class? Your wang is the tongue of your butt. Thus butt tongue.
by evanempire April 15, 2008
A tongue that comes from your butt. An insult to someone. An expression or way of saying something sucks.
Have you checked your butt tongue today? You're such a butt tongue! or Man, that seriously sucks butt tongue!
by Laugh Attack February 11, 2009

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