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n: Miraculous double-sided tape used in pageants to keep gowns and swimsuits in place, in hopes to avoid wardrobe malfunction such as slipping of boobs and/or butt cheek exposure.
Gracie Lou Freebrush: Oh shit! I ran out of butt tape, and my butt is eating my bikini bottoms!

Mary Jo: Don't worry, I always pack a spare roll.
by MissAmazing1 August 01, 2011
Alternate name for Toilet Paper / TP
Man, who used up the butt tape and didn't get a new roll!?
by aljFalco July 30, 2007
Toilet paper
Bob: YO, your out of butt tape.

Frank: Mom, we need some more toilet paper
by Todcat3 May 19, 2010