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The unpleasent collection of sweat that collects within,the butt crack and crotch area.This unfortunate condition usually occurs on a hot day, while working hard or while exercising.Also see swamp crotch.
Mannnn Ive got major butt juice flowin after that jog.
by ass slut lover December 12, 2003
The liquid that expels from your hole when you pass extremely powerful gas. Is also used in the bowel movement process. (taking a dump)
One time i ripped ass so hard i could feel the butt juice on my boxers.
by Chris December 24, 2003
n. 1.) juice leaking aout of your butt 2.) an excuse to miss work 3.) words forming incoherent sentences from some idiot moron who should have his voice box removed
DON'T SIT THERE!!!! Sorry, buttjuice....
by MissyLalalala June 23, 2005
Philadelphia Eagles Fan
Butt Juice just got arrested and taken down to the stadium's jail house at the Philly Game!
by Phillybiotch January 23, 2009
A violent diarrhea explosion of which nothing solid comes out of your ass.
After eating some bad sushi, a stream of butt juice ran out of my ass. All I had to do was pat my ass dry.
by grisgris1 February 16, 2010
Having diarrea so bad it comes out as a thick brown juice so think it feels hard
i had butt-juice so bad i felt as if i made a milkshake in the toilet
via giphy
by -I-Shit-Pears- November 08, 2015
1. An outcome not to one's liking. 2. An unfortunate or unbelievable occurrence or event. 3. False or misleading information or statements.
Falsehood- What kind of buttjuice is that ?
by Chuck Jenkins November 21, 2005
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