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Slang for prison or Correction centers
I spent 6 years at gladiator academy for boosting cars
by grisgris1 May 29, 2010
A violent diarrhea explosion of which nothing solid comes out of your ass.
After eating some bad sushi, a stream of butt juice ran out of my ass. All I had to do was pat my ass dry.
by grisgris1 February 16, 2010
Any items liberated from a bar, restaurant or club without the permission or knowledge of the bar, restaurant or club owners.
Last night my buddy mined up some sweet pint glass bartifacts from the pub.
by grisgris1 February 12, 2010
When you walk into a bathroom and are slapped in the face by a wall of stank-ass.
I had to pee badly and when I hit the mens room, I ran straight into a wall of voodoo.
by grisgris1 March 11, 2011
A huge turd with a big knot on the end that tears you up as you try to shit it out.
My ass is raw after passing that Cyclops war club this morning.
by grisgris1 February 16, 2010
When you say something that you were thinking without realizing it, usually something that the other person should not be hearing.
Before I could stop my outside voice from kicking in, I told Alison that I'd like to run my tongue threw her massive cleavage.
by grisgris1 February 24, 2011

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