Someone who very few people like.
He gets owned a lot (Damo) & is a super lightweight drinker. Huge chin, big nose.
'I got pissed and threw up on 5 cans'
'Butler, you're such a fag. Go get Damo'd and clean up your girlfriend's shit off the wall you big nosed bastard'
by Chicken-head-master-69 August 12, 2008
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A word describing someone who is especially tight with money. He will never, for example, buy you a drink first, and when he buys you one back he will only buy you one of equal or less value.
Matt: I was 50p short for a drink, and Steve wouldn't give it to me
Phil: What a butler
by potatopotato July 19, 2010
A cocktail which consists of Belvidere Vodka (taken from Mr. Belvidere the tv show) and Tonic. Usually served on the rocks.
Bartender: What can I get for you?
Customer: Yes, I'll take a Butler on the rocks.
by Derricknupe April 27, 2007
A man who looks after all the needs of your very own manservant. Or someone who lives up someone elses Arsehole.
"I haven't seen much of Paul since he became Andrew's butler!"
by BistoYeti June 01, 2011
Butler University is a small, private university located in Indianapolis, IN. Somewhat highly selective and has a very good reputation around Indiana. Great pharmacy program. Overall, pretty decent school.
If you want to be a pharmacist go to Butler
by Jorge Martinez-Fredle December 31, 2011
the most amazing guy ever, he's really good looking and has a bunch of friends. he's super nice and caring. he's the absolute best!
"Wow, you know Butler?"
"Doesn't everybody?!"
by whee(: May 01, 2010
A unit of measure indicating the amount of Cannabis required for one joint - a "spliffs-worth". Which is a term not unlike the name of a butler.

The phrase originated in Bristol in the U.K. and has now penetrated the vocabulary of much of the U.K.'s Cannabis-smoking population. There are some reports indicating the term may be being used in the U.S.A.
"Excuse mate, any chance of getting a butler off you?"
Q"How much weed have you got left?"
A"A couple of Butlers"
by No i'm the real Brian February 22, 2010
n. The Butler inhabits the land west of Charlotte, NC. It roams the land while singing lyrics to awful songs by 80's hair metal bands. The Butler has a ridiculous mullet and an insatiable love of pornography. It answers to the names Butler, Slutler, Butt-Butt, Buttslut, and Pedophile.
Hey, are you guys going to Lincolnton? If so, beware! The Butler may be lurking!
by Walker, Texas Ranger May 11, 2005

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