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2 definitions by Derricknupe

A cocktail which consists of Belvidere Vodka (taken from Mr. Belvidere the tv show) and Tonic. Usually served on the rocks.
Bartender: What can I get for you?
Customer: Yes, I'll take a Butler on the rocks.
by Derricknupe April 27, 2007
95 74
LDSU stands for Long Dick State University. Real heterosexual men with game — that act like real men, graduated from this made-up school. It separates the men from the boys, the ones with real game and swagger.
Mel: Yo, dude called to ask if I slept with his girl last night.

Ron: WTF! Are you serious? He didn't go to LDSU did he?

Mel: Nope. Because if he did go to LDSU, he wouldn't be to overly concerned about that broad anyway.
by Derricknupe August 10, 2008
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