n. The Butler inhabits the land west of Charlotte, NC. It roams the land while singing lyrics to awful songs by 80's hair metal bands. The Butler has a ridiculous mullet and an insatiable love of pornography. It answers to the names Butler, Slutler, Butt-Butt, Buttslut, and Pedophile.
Hey, are you guys going to Lincolnton? If so, beware! The Butler may be lurking!
by Walker, Texas Ranger May 11, 2005
A young man capable of anything, except unaware of what he is incapable of. polite to people but unaware that peole are taking advantage of him. people are ashamed to have had services from a "butler", leaving the butler upset put plentifully rich.
"oh my god youve had butler"
by venusinfurs October 12, 2007
A moderately-sized private school with no religous affiliation in Indianapolis that is outrageously expensive.

Academically, the school excells in Pharmacy and the Fine Arts, specificaly dance and somewhat music. The science departments are a little above average for a school of this size, if only because Lilly Co. keeps pouring money into them. The liberal arts here are just ok, and the business college and its students would like to think they are the shit but they are not.

Graduate programs - very few of these and they are all really bad except for fine arts, Pharmacy, and the MBA (but the last one is only good because they make it really easy to get).

Socioeconomiclly, the students and faculty are upper-middle class to upper class and are predominately white. A few are prepy, and a few more are nice people.

Athletics - the school sucks except for men's basketball which is surprisingly good.

Reputation - generally very good and is on the rise. Within the city of Indianapolis and the state of Indiana and its neighboors it is very well regarded. The dance and Pharmacy programms are extremely well respected across the whole planet, expecially the dance program which is second only to Juliard.

Overall - a great school if you like one-on-one attention with your professors, of which 80% have the title "Dr."
Butler Student: Hey, I go to Butler.

Someone Random: Are you in fine arts or Pharmacy?

Butler Student: No, I am studying something else.

Someone Random: Then why are you wasting your money!?!?!?!?
by fair and objective October 18, 2007
Man who moved from london to live in the better south. also man who knows the ledgend that is olly.
Thats that guy, Butler.
by someone from around here November 15, 2006
Someone who very few people like.
He gets owned a lot (Damo) & is a super lightweight drinker. Huge chin, big nose.
'I got pissed and threw up on 5 cans'
'Butler, you're such a fag. Go get Damo'd and clean up your girlfriend's shit off the wall you big nosed bastard'
by Chicken-head-master-69 August 12, 2008
an inflatable toy (bananas. pink flowers,pink gitars etc) weildin freak usually male
do u see that butler what a freak
by the-handcuffed-hobo June 20, 2006

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