Top Definition
Obviously broken. Usually by yourself.
Hmm, that board with the melted plastic all over it is likely busticated. Probably shouldn't have opened that bag of iron filings.
by mml February 18, 2003
Somethings Broken or busted
I busticated my dinner plates
by Khrys August 25, 2005
Is the breaking of an object, which leads to it not being able to be repaired or of any use any longer.
I busticated my glass, now there is no use for it. I may as well throw it away.
by BUSTED-OH NO February 08, 2011
To be completely broken
He fell off the ladder and completely busticated his leg.
by kkwkwk February 05, 2010
Broken, Breaking, Dropped the piece of shit
"The piece of shit phone i dropped on the floor, is busticated!!!
by Krista & Lara March 08, 2007
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