Has stupid, sometimes offensive jokes and crap
one design says "Free Tibet*, *with purchase of another Tibet of equal or greater value" I can imagine Tibetan people being offended by that.
Honestly Bustedtees needs a new design team/designer
by Iameverywhereyetno-whereatall August 12, 2009
Top Definition
An advertiser on urbandictionary.com. Has ads with attractive women, but stupid novelty t-shirts.
I was on urban dictionary yesterday and saw an ad for the dumbest t-shirt ever from busted tees.
by Kipp Buckingham November 20, 2005
the only add UrbanDictionary.com has.
I'm on Urbandictionary, whoa look a Bustedtees add!!!
by JoeyBnukkas April 08, 2007
A frequently recurring ad on urbandictionary.com, including lame, and sometimes unintelligible, jokes featured on a poor quality crew neck shirt worn by women in a waist-up photograph.
A football, and beneath it says soccer.
How ingenious, I am dying of laughter, my guts are busting with chuckles. Well done, Bustedtees, you cracked open another can of suck.
by Ralph D. November 13, 2007
The company with the annoying ads of all the girls wearing t-shirts on urbandictionary
You "Rish" you were drunk?...Alrighty then.

Bustedtees have lame jokes on them

by Allthenamesaretaken111 April 12, 2007
Some company that uses shallow soft-porn marketing in advertisements on urban dictionary to sell t-shirts.
"Fucking Busted Tees advertising all over urban dictionary!"
by tea chest February 08, 2006
A clothing company which ads are for redhed lovers.

A clothing company which tees are shit as fuck.

A clothing complany that doesnt know what the word "jokes" mean.

Urban Dictionary's only ad.
Person A: "Hey have u seen those bustedtees girls on UD ?"
Person B: "Yeh i'd hit it"
Person A: "Hum yeh but their shirts are not SILF..." (SILF for Shirt i'd like to fuck)
Person B: "rofl"
by An0nymous..... June 07, 2009
Advertises ugly looking t-shirts on this website. Busted Tees try to have witty phrases or political statements on their shirts that may seem clever to those wearing it, but are painstakingly idiotic to the rest of us.
Busted Tees - South Korea may have Seoul but North Korea has nukes. Nukes please.
by TheQuest January 17, 2006

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