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3 definitions by Brandnewday

One of the nicest people you will meet. She has your back all the time, starts trends, and can pull off emo one day and preppy the next. Everyone smiles when they hear her name. Guys swarm around her, not just to be boyfriends, but friends too. Just to know her is a benefit to your entire life. Keeps secrets when you can't even tell your parents your problems. Girl you wanna sit by and hold her hand. She will make you feel guilty out of your mind if you hurt her just by ignoring you.

Synonyms: Nice, kind, funny, sweet, trustworthy, cute, hot, benefit to your whole life

Antonyms: mean, unfair, nerd, play- hata, weird, undateable
"Wow! That Sabrina makes me feel so damn jealous."

"OhMeGod, that Sabrina just made our uniforms in style! How'd she do it?!?!"

"Sabrina isn't in a gang. She's too fly."

Guy 1: "Whose that chick in the middle of that crowd of guys?"
Guy 2: "That's Sabrina you n00b! Make room, I'm goin in!"

"Look at that Sabrina with her bright nail polish and stunner shades!"
by Brandnewday May 02, 2009
Stupid annoying add on Urban Dictionary that has the dumbest and most unfunny "jokes" on them and never goes away. Fugly girls, unfunny shirt. Might as well be a birdy, cheep cheep cheep (oh no. the terrible jokes are spreading onto us all!)

Most likely, if you look to your right, you will examine a crappy add with a <fodle> wearing an <unfunny> joke.

Bustedtees, I finally know how you got your name. It was gonna be either that or Crappytees, rite?

<boring>, <annoying>, <crappy>, <crapshit>, <fugly>, <fodles>, <ugly>, <weird>, <unfunny>
"Press button, receive bacon". Omfg. I'm gonna seriously die of purely insane laughter.

" The jokes on you." Wow. I get it. I'm wearing the shirt with the shitty joke thats on me.

Thanx BustedTees. Smart. *sarcasm*
by Brandnewday May 18, 2009
f***ing ugly model.
Omg. The BustedTees fodle is soooooo fugly. ewww... *gag* *shudder*
by brandnewday May 18, 2009