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f***ing ugly model.
Omg. The BustedTees fodle is soooooo fugly. ewww... *gag* *shudder*
#fugly #fodle #fodel #bustedtees #ew
by brandnewday May 18, 2009
To want to rub your mothers titties together, and or then have sex with her.
Man Nathan really wishes he could fodle his mom.
#taboo #incest #sex #fuck #titty
by John Maxwell July 23, 2006
A stupid emo haired computer anime spazz that has the illusion that they are cool. They normally have a fake uncaring concept on life which they picked up from years of wasting time watching and trying to imitate emos/animecharacters. They will often seem bored and unnafected by anything to keep up their faggy anime image.
They do not make good friends.
-Dude Jason's hair got all long and girly.

- I bet he's trying to be on of those anime people or emo "friends" he has.

-What a fodle.
#emo #spazz #anime #computer #dumbass
by Nate smithe July 31, 2006
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