there are many definitions, a busta could just be a...
wanksta - wanna be gangsta
poser - a person who dresses up like they like somethin' but they just wear the clothes (that's just one definition of poser)
wanna be - someone who fakes it and says they are.
"he such a fuckin fake, dat faggot ass mothafucka is a busta!"
#buster #fake #poser #wanna be #wanna-be #fakster
by The Slang Wizard April 15, 2006
one who ejaculates early
you know what you are? you a busta.
#premature #ejaculation #buster #tristen #nunez
by Johnny Sto December 07, 2010
a nigga that you be havin beef wit, or a nigga that you aint on good terms with at the present moment.
Fuck that busta. He a clown.
by Nigro January 13, 2003
"BUSTA" is a word to describe a Best Friend, Cousin, and Sista all rolled into one. It's normally given among friends who are inseparable and share a special friendship that they believe most people just don't quite understand. They may or may not be related by blood.
I'm a Busta!
#best friend #sista #cousin #cuz #sister #bestie #friend #delicious #quality #bff
by Boomerang Louis July 20, 2011
Originally gangsta slang. A crybaby bitch who wants to go get a gun and start bustin' after getting served. LOTS of rappers have this sound. Don't listen to their shit.
I whooped that bustaz ass and now he's sayin he gon' smoke me? I'ma spray the block where he's chillin, fuck up hiz whole crew.
#pussy with a gun #hardcore faggot #bitch-ass fool #steel-packin sucka #bg turned prison bitch
by DeeShimma November 26, 2006
the act of threatening to shoot someone.
Ima busta cap in yo ass!!!
#nigga #nigger #white power #fuck #fnf
by DA20 Pilot April 02, 2008
1: Some tow down ass nigga who wear da right clothes but aint got no game and no job.
2: A stupid ass lil boy who trynna akt like a pimp or a rapper but can't pull it off.
3: A nigga who spend money on a chick for about a week, smash ha den leave ha.
Branesha: OH MY GOD Kiesha!
Kiesha: Wus up gurl
Branesha: Brandon took me out all week and i though he was real wit his shit u know so i let him smash..dat nigga left me da next day.
Kiesha: Gurl i told u he was a "BUSTA" das yo ass not mine.
#busta #freak #top notch #browsky #niggarachy #fidget
by YoGuRlWhItN3y November 16, 2007
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