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A vagina; A front bum.
A Bussey can also be used to describe the outcome of a combined front and back bum. One large Bussey.
Jim: I met this fit bird last night!
Adam: Did you finger her Bussey?

'Get your bussey out love'
'Your bussey is so big'
#bussy #vagina #bum #bussey #hole
by Anna Bussey July 01, 2008
slang. Pronounced(boo-see).A mixture of two slang terms,bitch and pussy.Usually directed towards a person as an insult.Can be used as a noun or an adverb.
" Look at Willy over there. He's a fucking bussey!
#weak #pussy #bitch #fag #loser
by Jonas Laceeus December 22, 2005
Fat imbecile that dropped out of Wigston College and sucked Janine's tits
bussey is well gay
by rc March 23, 2003
the act of smelling like biscuits (especially Rich Tea) is known as being a Bussey
That guy is a really bad bussey
#bussey #dave bussey #dave #ginger #biscuits #smell #rich tea
by Neroxhd July 18, 2006
a gay bitch, an huge gay dick
damn that shit is bussey!
by Charles April 18, 2005
A fat woman's vagina.
vagina fat woman
Wow did you see Janet's Bussey? that thing was HUGE!
#vagina #coochie #fat #lady #vag #pussy
by ohnonotmyband August 25, 2015
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