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Woman who has sex with anyone.

Term originated in Du Quoin, IL
by The Dope Man 618 August 18, 2011
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(1) imp. v. get that shit outta here!
(2) v. to angrily or amusingly proclaim your dissasitsfaction with a proposal
"Yo, Billy, how about you wake up and drive me to the hospital, ive been shot."
"Bus it!"

"Ron, when all this is over you and me should get an apertment together."
"Bus it!"
by G Bone August 04, 2006
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Busisiwe Lindiwe Thabethe, from Orlando, Soweto, South Africa
Busi T ka Zuko P (Zuko Pokwana from Yeoville,JHB)
by Jack Tailor July 10, 2003
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