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A Bus Boner is an erection that one gets while riding the bus. It is usually caused by the combination of fatigue, warmth, and the vibrations of the vehicle. Similar occurrences have also been reported in mini-vans and tour boats.
Michael was afraid that when he stood up to get off at his stop everyone would see his bus boner.
by Chicago Jo September 25, 2006
A bus boner is a medical condition which affects only males. It is an erection which typically occurs while riding a bus,hence the name bus boner. It can also happen while riding a car or van. Although the erection can happen at any time during the ride, it usually takes place while the individual is reaching his stop. This often causes nervousness in the individual due to the fear of his boner being spotted while getting off the vehicle. People suffering of this condition are adviced to wear big shirts or sweaters. Hoodies are the best choice due to the pocket factor. Placing the penis in a vertical position is another, yet risky option.
I'm afraid of falling asleep on the bus and getting a bus boner.
by ultrajoe August 22, 2007
The action of having one's penis become erect on a bus due to the sweet vibrations and bumps throughout the seat of the bus.
Guy1: "Hey man, isn't this your stop?"
Guy2: "Yea bro, but I can't, due to my busboner."
by taz14 March 23, 2011
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