Destruction by way of conflagration, esp by 'Trogdor.' To become ashen as by pyretic consumption. v. 'Burnination'
"Trogdor was a man. He was a dragon man. Maybe he was just a dragon. But he was still Trogdor."

"Burninating the countryside! Burninating the peasants! Burninating all the peoples and their thatched roof cottages!"
by Doji Subeta March 25, 2003
the act of torching a countryside and/or its peasants with your awesome dragon powers. This act is reserved for Trogdor the burninator.
"Burninating the countryside...burninating the peasants...he's TROGDOOOOOOOOOR!!!!
by Brohemuous February 14, 2003
To burn the countryside, or anything really, typically done by Trogdor the Burninator. The term was created by Strong Bad, a character associated with the online flash cartoon, Homestar Runner. Trogdor, who does the burninating, was a response to an email sent to Strong Bad and has grown into a vastly popular character in the series.
OMG watch out! Trogdor is totally going to burninate the countryside. Next he will come for your childrens!
by evapor8ed March 22, 2006
To lay waste, as with fire, to countrysides, peasants, and thatched-roofed cottages. other things may be burninated, but these are the only approved ones (see
"and Trogdor smot the Kerrek, and all was laid to burnination"
by poptart September 01, 2003
To use the Burninator(flamethrower) in Halo 3.
"I'm going to burninate you!", "I used the burninator to burninate them."
by MitchTheTitch October 04, 2008
The flamethrower will burninate all the stands between me and victory
by Null Windhunter January 15, 2008
v. burninated, burninating, burninates
1: To completely and utterly destroy by fire.
1: The entire forest was burninated due to one careless campfire.
by Marshall Finch January 06, 2006

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