A tall white male that is black on the inside. he acts as white as possible so that co-workers and friends don't know what he really is. A burk also is known for wearing pink to parties.
that burk isn't fooling anyone.
by George Clinton August 25, 2006
A sudden, disorienting change of subject during a conversation, resulting in confusion among the other speakers.
Mike: "So, where did you go on vacation?"

Dave: "My wife and I took a cruise to Ensenada."

Harry: "I love that part of Mexico."

Mike: "Yeah, but how do you teach a cat to use the toilet.”

Harry & Dave: "????"

Dave: "Boy, that was a burk."

Harry: "Mike, you should warn people before you burk like that."
by A_densoid April 01, 2009
a male; a boy; anyone who has a Y chromosome
They had a baby burk named Dylan.
by kateyox July 02, 2006
fresh, fragrant and full of vigour.
my burk is like a spring day in the hebredes.
by Skywalker August 21, 2003
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