Extremely physically tired or burned-out, as one who has been the recipient of bunta (and survived) in the infamouse "bunta joke" of the second definition.
When that arcturan megatank comes through here we are totally bunta'd!

Cleaned out at poker? I was bunta'd man!

I'm four times his size and six times his weight *and* I have a black belt in six martial arts... and he insists on a duel? Heh heh heh: bunta time!
by Simon Bridge March 10, 2007
Top Definition
anal rape
it was derived from the following joke:
Two explorers were walking through the african plains when kidnapped by an african tribe. The chief told the explorers they had two choices: death or bunta. The first, saying he has a wife and kids, easily chose bunta. The whole tribe bends him over and rapes him. The second, not wanting the ass rapage chose death. The cheif smiles and yells to the tribe, "Death by bunta"
by Jacob November 29, 2003
go off ones tree, really loose it
by tinman August 01, 2003
The act or process of acting in an aggrevated or thought less manner.
"The wifes gone bunta!"
by Mark September 24, 2003
A cross between a Munta and a Butters person..

can be used for both sex's
oi he was a bunta

init so was she
by yoyoyoyooyoyoyyo August 06, 2011
A short, fat, ethnic person. (Must be under 20 years old, otherwise becomes a "busca")
Look at that bunta, he's so jolly the way he consumes his chicken korma.
by SixhundredSeventyNine4lyfe February 09, 2009
means stupid person, nicer version of being a bitch. Someone who is acting ignorant and mean
She is being such a major bunta right now.
by Krystina April 12, 2004
To pass noxious gas from the anus.
Who bunted?
by spugeweasel September 25, 2003
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