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An interjection used to describe a statement or phrase that is uninteresting or unnecessary
Wife: "I was just at Walgreens, I was going to buy benadryl gel. But then I didn't know if I should buy gel or cream. So I picked up the cream, and when I went to check out, I realized that the expiration date was coming up in February. So I went back, and the gel benadryl had an expiration date that wasn't until November of NEXT year. So since I could get an extra summer's use out of the gel, I decided to get that. So I went back to the register..."
Husband: "--Bunkle."
by A bunkled wife August 17, 2010
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1. A word, believed to be used first in southern England, used when the speaker has forgotten the name of an item.

2. A word used in conjunction with the suffix "ington" as a game, or to decide who to pass the spliff to.
1. "Have you seen my phone?" "I think it's next to the bunkle." "Damnit, I dropped my bunkle!"
2. "Bunkle!" "Ington!"
by 6 40 6 July 25, 2009
They are your nuts, balls, bollocks, testicles etc...
That bitch kicked me in the bunkles and it fucking hurts.
by schemadesign September 08, 2008

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