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Being shot point-blank in the sport of paintball.
While that damn newbie Mappopolus was fiddling with his stingray, I straight up bunkered his monkey ass.
by Superfly667 March 20, 2003
Getting shot up close in paintball because you suck
You just got bunkered, newb
by Josh June 17, 2004
Getting shot point blank by a 10 year old with a tippman 98c, brass eagle laser sight, 50 round hopper, going around saying "Check out my angel bitch!" and carrying around his 6mm spring powered pistol.
"j00 G07z BUNK3R3D j00 S7UP1D n00Bzorzz"

"CHYAH, A7 L34ST i H4v3 4 b3773R $N1P3R D3n j00!"
by Ali-Kababa October 26, 2004
Usually used when refering to paintball. when you someone sneeks up on you and shots you 5 times point blank because you SUCK!!!
That noob just got bunkerd.
by Ben March 11, 2004
A super cool guy on the Tippmann paintball forums.
Did you see Bunkered pwn that liberal moron in T&O last night?
by Nick Torelli February 20, 2004
when you are very drunk
he's bunkered! HELLO!!!!
by Anonymous October 03, 2003
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