In Rhode Island, to "bunk" is to take the day off from school. Most days before extended breaks are referenced as "national bunk days", despite "bunk" being local vernacular.
Vinny: We have next week off, you know what that means!
Tony: Friday's national bunk day!
by Bubbla April 13, 2006
a girl or guy being ugly
duuude that chick was so bunk
by Anonymous April 30, 2003
A drug that does not get you high.
me: Lets get some shit?
my sis: I bet you its going to be some Bunk beds! I'm tired of wasting my money!!
by mostwuntd June 19, 2010
A girl that is less than decent
"dude, that girl is bunk"
by DRP February 26, 2004
unbelievable, crap, stupidity.
"Yo, that grade I got on my term paper is bunk!"
by HeveyMetil February 24, 2003
Dissatisfying; Not up to par.
While renting a movie: 'The selection here is bunk'


While at a party: 'This crowd is so bunk'
by MoxyAnna June 01, 2005

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