A general word that you use towards someone you hate or are mad at.
Guy: Gimme 50 cents so i can buy an ice cream.
You: STFU bum lick
by AnDrEw April 01, 2005
Top Definition
To be over kind to someone to achieve a higher status in life. Often used when and employee is looking for a job or when a guy likes a girl or a girl likes a guy. Does not necessarily mean to lick ones anus.
Guy Edmunds bumlicks Shannon
by Robbie Boot November 14, 2006
Sucking up to someone so much that you would do anything for them, including licking their bum - jumping at the chance to do ANYTHING for that person
Stop being such a bumlick, im sure they can do it on their own
by partyloops November 13, 2011
Millie Pearce
1. 'Millie Pearce likes this.'

2. "Look at that bumlick buying the teachers leaving presents."

"i know, shes such a Millie Pearce."
3. "Wow you girls all look so beautiful, wish I was you!!!" - Said Millie Pearce as she removed her tounge from their anus'.
4. *Likes a status* -oh i feel like Millie Pearce now..
5. "SERIOUSLY, IF I FIND OUT WHO'S WRITTEN THIS, I'M GOING TO BURN THEM WITH MY HAIR!!!" - Said Millie Pearce as she angrily threw her excma cream down, and peered at her freckly arm. (Y)
by Regina_George July 23, 2011

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