A person who spends their life on myspace, posting bulletins about how they had a terrible day and need comments.

Or they continually post bulletins about their new pictures, begging for picture comments.

The worst is probably those that love to post bulletins about how if you post this you'll get a million dollars or a boyfriend.

Bulletins posted by bulletin whores usually have very bad grammar and lots of spelling mistakes.
Bulletin posted by a bulletin whore:
"Subject: LYK OH EM GEEE
Body: i lYK havv n3w pics.

go c0mmment slUUts."
by wowthatshardcore September 30, 2006
Top Definition
A person (usually female), who is on your myspace.com friends list, who posts an unholy amount of bulletins, until every bulletin you see is from that person. These bulletins are usually incredibly pointless, and consist of at least one of these things:

-Random outbursts, talking about how much they hate "drama".
-Begging for picture comments.
-"Talk.. <3"
-Telling people about how they had fun hanging out with their friends that day. As if any sane person really gives a shit.
-Announcements of new: about me, pictures, blog, headline, display name, music section, who I'd like to meet, etc.
-Random song lyrics (usually to a really retarded song).
-Conversations with the poster's friend(s), because they don't have the common sense to use the message or comment function.
-A survey detailing points of your life that nobody gives a fuck about.
-Bragging about how they got a new phone, camera, iPod, etc.
-The ultimate "shoot-me-in-the-head-right-now" breed of bulletins, chain letters. These usually are comprised of a stupid, made-up story about someone dying, and how their ghost will come back to murder you if you don't repost. They can also be about some horrendously sappy love story ending with "REPOST THIS AS "AWW" AND U WILL GET KISSED BY UR CRUSH ON FRIDAY; IF U DONT REPOST, U WILL BE A VIRGIN FOR THE NEXT SEVEN YEARS AND SEVEN DAYS".
Here's some great (real) examples of bulletin whores:

Subject: at (censored)'s
Body: fdsfjsodiufsjfos leaving sooooooooooooooooooon :}

Body: xomment my new pix

Subject: hehehehe
Body: yooooo like the stupid ccd took my phone away like wtf shes not my mom but itsk i forgive her hahahahahakkkk almost homeeeee talk onlineee or txtttt yeeeeeyyyy

Subject: helllllllllo
Body: talk to me <3

Subject: so waht do u do..
Body: when u kno what is bad for u
is what u want..
by I Will Kill You March 21, 2007
The person on MySpace who posts five bulletins, one right after another, usually surveys, and takes up all your bulletin space on your homepage.
Tina: "There goes Jackie again, posting five bulletins."

Lauren: "Again? She's such a bulletin whore."
by Cheela June 18, 2006
someone on myspace who leaves an infinite number of bulletins on myspace to the point u cannot keep up with them and they are basically the same thing rephrased.
There goes Joe again telling us about his party on Friday this is probably his 23rd bulletin.....damn bulletin-whore.
by leovenus1977 January 06, 2009
Someone that leaves pointless, nonsense bulletins nonstop on myspace, or any other place like that. The most common type of bulletin whore is the person that actualy repost the things that say you will die if you dont repost it.
Person 1- Dang. Nancy posted another pointless bulletin!!
Person 2- Yeah, she's the biggest bulletin whore i've ever seen!
Person 1- Thats for sure.
by GARTH!! August 10, 2007
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