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1. sexual escapades that need to be performed in extreme acts of stealth and slyness, such by needing to remain anonymous to others around you.
2. sex at a party, movie theatre, or in the back seat of car when there are front passengers, in a house occupied by people other than yourself. where all acts performed must remain in shadows and be virtually silent. usually with clothes only 1/2 or partly off.
3. extremely drunken or high sex to where you are under the influence or alcohol or beer googles and the person you wake up next to you was definitely not the person you had remembered in your head. if it wasn't for their swift ninja like actions and your slightly impaired frame of mind then this wouldn't have happened. therefore ninja sex.
I hate when my inlaws come in town to visit. That means we have to have ninja sex for an entire week!

Do you remember Joe that frequents the bar? Yeah, I was pretty messed up last night and thought I was taking home a Dwayne Johnson look alike. When I woke this morning next to me I see Joe passed out! Damn ninja sex, if not Joe wouldn't have had a shot in hell!
#ninja #sex #ninja sex #mime sex #stealth #silence
by leovenus1977 January 17, 2009
derived from the chappelle show when someone is talking and it is neither interesting or they are just not getting the point across quickly enough then you need to wrap it up. say what you mean and get to the point.
She has been telling the same damn story for at least 15 minutes, if it was my story I would have had the point across in at least 5 minutes. girl, you need to wrap it up! finish talking and wrap that shit up!
#chappelle #show #talking #shut your mouth #longwinded
by leovenus1977 January 06, 2009
someone on myspace who leaves an infinite number of bulletins on myspace to the point u cannot keep up with them and they are basically the same thing rephrased.
There goes Joe again telling us about his party on Friday this is probably his 23rd bulletin.....damn bulletin-whore.
#bulletins #whores #myspace #blogs #hoes
by leovenus1977 January 06, 2009
1. Working back to back double shifts. Grabbing all available overtime you can before anyone else has a chance to stake claim. Hogging or whoring all available overtime and double hours that you can.

2. working 155 hours in a 14 day payperiod
A few people quit at work. Oh great guess that means Sara is going into double whore mode again. Well, I guess we won't be seeing her for awhile.

I never get a chance to grab overtime that double whore sara keeps snatching it up too quick.
#double #whore #whores #hogs #overtime #work
by leovenus1977 January 17, 2009
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