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The John Kruk Special is a term for a piece of sausage and one meatball with your spaghetti. This term is named for the former Phillies baseball player John Kruk, who lost a ball to testicular cancer. Therefore, John Kruk, the baseball player, is symbolized by the John Kruk Special, featuring a piece of sausage, but only one meatball.
Would you like sausage or meatballs with your spaghetti tonight?

Well, I'm feeling hungry. I'll take the John Kruk Special.

One meatball and one sausage coming right up!
by Cheela June 26, 2006
The person on MySpace who posts five bulletins, one right after another, usually surveys, and takes up all your bulletin space on your homepage.
Tina: "There goes Jackie again, posting five bulletins."

Lauren: "Again? She's such a bulletin whore."
by Cheela June 18, 2006
When you feel the need to poop, but it won't come out, no matter how long you sit on the bowl. Sometimes occurs in public toilets. Also occurs when you feel under pressure to move bowels, like when someone is waiting for you.
I thought I had to take a crap, but nothing came out.

Dude, you had a shy poopie!
by Cheela June 19, 2006
Another name for Taco Bell. This is based on the common belief that Taco Bell uses Grade F meat for their tacos. This has not been proven; however, the fact that Taco Bell is delicious and inexpensive far outweighs the fact that it might be Grade F meat.
What's for dinner?

How about we swing by Grade F for some tacos and pintos?

by Cheela June 26, 2006
A lot of something; a tremendous amount of
Are you hungry?

No, I ate a titload of Doritos at lunch.
by Cheela June 26, 2006
Similar to the tour de france, except without bikes and without Lance Armstrong. Also, without France. This tour is set in a Northeastern United States area, preferably Pennsylvania or New Jersey, where WaWa is located. You must travel from WaWa to WaWa, buying at least one thing at each. To be considered a full tour, you must go to at least five WaWa locations. tour de wawa is practiced mostly by bored high school students who recently got their licenses, but have no where to go.
What are we going to do tonight?

Well, I need water, cigarettes, gum, coffee and a hoagie.

Do you have the car?


Sounds like a tour de WaWa to me!
by Cheela June 25, 2006
Another way to say that you're going to excuse yourself to go to the bathroom.
I'll be right back. I drank a Big Gulp and I really have to conquer the uri-nation.
by Cheela June 28, 2006

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