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When you fill a sock up with shit (presumably yours), freeze it, and wait till the opportune moment to take it out and whip a mofo with it :D
Dude, I stayed the night and Aarons house yesterday, and he frickin' woke me up with a gnarly bull whip! Shit wasn't even frozen all the way!
by SexyRanchDressingMan October 07, 2008
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This is the dude version of a pony tail.
"Wow, nice pony tail..."
"Do I look like a miniature horse that small children ride on, and more so, does it look I have one of their effeminate tails on the back of my head? It's a bull whip, and no, you can't touch it."
by poop geyser February 21, 2009
A leather rope consisting of a solid handle, tapering into the thong (the main body of the whip), the fall (the thin part near the end that does all the damage) and the cracker, which makes the characteristic sonic boom.
Indiana Jones pulled out his bullwhip, snapped his wrist, and the man's gun when flying.
by Steven December 15, 2003

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