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A euphemism (another word for) giving a blowjob. Comes from the scene in Harry Potter and the half blood prince when Ginny and Harry are talking, and Ginny says "shoelace" and bends down to tie Harry's shoelace, but it looks like she's going to suck his cock.
Ron: where is Ginny?
Hermione: probably tying shoelaces.
Ron: what? whose?
Hermione: Harry's.
Ron: WTF?!
by SexyRanchDressingMan August 17, 2009
When you fill a sock up with shit (presumably yours), freeze it, and wait till the opportune moment to take it out and whip a mofo with it :D
Dude, I stayed the night and Aarons house yesterday, and he frickin' woke me up with a gnarly bull whip! Shit wasn't even frozen all the way!
by SexyRanchDressingMan October 07, 2008
White Cap (verb): the act of cumming into a hat and placing said hat upon someone's (usually a female's) head.

The term comes from the "white caps" on waves, the white, foamy, uppermost part of a wave.
Dude 1: Lauren kept bugging me to let her wear my hat all evening, it was so annoying.

Dude 2: Did you let her?

Dude 1: yeah, but I white capped her. She didn't even notice till she went to take the hat off, and it was glued to her head!
by SexyRanchDressingMan September 12, 2010
A pseudonym, or fictitious name, adopted by a person for comedic perposes. Usually employed when meeting a person for the first time; if used correctly, can cause uproarious laughter. (incase you didn't get it, its short for T-bag).
Person 1: Hi, i'm person.
Person 2: hi, i'm Teddy Bagwell; but you can call me T-bag for short.
by Sexyranchdressingman February 04, 2009

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