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A word used to decribe the bone on one's wrist that looks like a ball. Usually found on really skinny people. It is also a sign of delicasy.
Did you see the bulge on her wrist.
by Brooke93 February 11, 2006
60 189
also a piece of shit qb the plays football pantsless
marc bulger is piece of shit quarterbackhalter
by paul caferatta November 25, 2006
35 172
Bulge started in the 713 (Houston, Texas). Originally a Paintball term, Bulge has exceeded its boundaries and become Publicly known to mean "Cool" or "Badass".

The Bulge Army is growing and it soon will be known world-wide.
Damn, that kid is so bulge.

That alias is bulge with that pink/red fade.
31 170