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The act of throwing up in your mouth after seeing something unflattering
"Dude I just buked in my mouth after seeing Britney Spears va-jay-jay on TMZ.com"

"I know I thought it was Meryl Streep for a second"
by Him? February 24, 2009
4 5
Adjective, (B-you-kt)

1. Hideous.

2. One who looks as if they have been hit in the face with a bag of nickels or trodden upon by a team of pack mules.

3. Normally applies to females, yet is not gender specific.

Synonyms: wrecked, nasty, abhorrent, vile, disgusting, putrid, shiteous

"Did you see that chick on Hot or Not? That bitch is BUKED!!"
by P4nD0r4 January 21, 2009
5 7
when an individual finishes a chug and goes to belch the carbon gas out and throws up because there is a shortage of space in the stomach.
Malcom: "did you see kyle chug that liter boot? that was intense!"
King: "yeah, unfortunately he buked all over himself once he finished and was disqualified."
by Mikey "the jew" Griffin August 18, 2007
1 13