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Large, well built, highly muscular, great presence, huge.
He is so built.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 30, 2004
A group of Ego Spastics who Aimbot their way to being the best.

Chances are they have:

1. Slurred speech and a VERY limited vocabulary.
2. Thinks everyone is a ‘mate’.
3. The uncanny ability to get 10 head shots in a row in close combat.
4. Anti-Social/Misanthrope/Just a Dick.
"I'm built m8 b@pce" is the common mating call for the Built People.
by Sqauce April 10, 2011
Strong, muscly or fit. Also used if someione is hard.
His mum is well fit, but watch out 'cus his dad is built!
by Willed1234 September 09, 2007
A structure that has been completely finished and is no longer in the process of being made (i.e. a building).

-Coined by Professor Action Jaxson
Authority: Hey what are you doing?
Student: Getting some reference of buildings for my art class.
Authority: There are plenty of buildings over on the other side of campus.
Student: Sir, those are clearly builts you are speaking of. I need to get reference for buildings.
by PandaMarine September 07, 2011
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