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Cool, Nice, Funny guy that will be there for you when anything happens and he is smart, sweet, loving, and loves hanging with his friends
Girl1: Did you see Jaxson in the hallway today?
Girl2: Yes why?
Girl1: Isnt he cute!
Girl2: Very!!
by dripping swag-goo December 27, 2011
A really attractive guy who is not afraid to be himself around anyone. He is shy at first but once you get to know him its hard to get him to shut up! Hes really athletic and has amazing eyes that will blow your mind and sexy abs. He can make you feel like the most amazing person in the world. He has the best personality ever!! He is fun, cute, talented, and extreamely smart. He is really easy to love. Once you get to know him you fall in love with him right away. He is hard to be mad at! Even if he pisses you off just his smile will make you forget all about what he did. He has an amazing smile it alone can make your day. He is also really fit and has a great sence in style. He is very outgoing and when you hold is hand or hug or when your just around him you fall more and more in love with him! If you get the chance to date a jaxson dont turn him down or youll regret it later. He is an amazing person so hold on to him.
by kj12345 January 10, 2014

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