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lecherous,lying,leering gay friend of hetero man
he cant keep his dick in his pants cause he nothing but a bufty
by hellman March 10, 2004
27 73
being very femal about a male friendship
going to "love actually" when originally
"Swat" was intended
by c. January 23, 2004
5 52
A minor idiot. Someone who has made a minoir mistake.

I just wet myself like a big Bufty.
by Dirty Den October 13, 2003
5 52
A person who does nothing but play sport, eat and sleep sport. English equivalent of an American jock but doesn't beat up people. Usually wears expensive clothes made by Fred Perry, Ben Sherman, Ralph Lauren and any other sports brand.
Person 1: "Shall we go and watch TV in the commen room."
Person 2: "No, the Bufty's are watching football in their."
by jazeppi October 28, 2005
19 69
Someone who enjoys protein shakes, creatine, glutamine, works out a lot and usualy has an injury complaint.
"Look at that bufty with his protein shake"
by Steve & Phil November 03, 2005
11 63
well there is different scales, there is different types as well. phil is the only true bufty, daragh is a natural bufty through and through
hehehe, u bufty
by Cian February 06, 2004
2 59