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evil, fucked up, tits flying high, all gone wrong, fucked
the net is acting fucking whorish to day
by bob1128 December 13, 2005
a complete ass bandit who enjoys felching and dohnuts more than eating or breathing is very generous and as such prefers to give than to recive does enjoy 1 on 1s but likes nothing more than to be at the front end of a homosexual orgy.
beals boy 1 "you buftie you supply the ass i'll supply the cock"
beals boy 2 "okay as you put it so nicely
by bob1128 December 06, 2005
to get caught doing something you shouldn't, drinking or with your best freinds girlfriend to name two
i got sprung completly rat arsed and on top of daves missus last night
by bob1128 December 07, 2005

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