slang term used for the act of oral sex (on males)
"Yo I heard Rossy is the girl to see for some action now."

"Nah, shes still a virgin but she was buffin' two guys at this party last week."
by Joey M May 25, 2006
Top Definition
To Be Beastin Over Somethin Or A Nigga
I Wish Dhis Nigga Stop Buffin My Shyt.
by Ms.Wet_Wet October 20, 2009
To perform the act of fellatio; to suck on the penis
Monica Lewinsky was buffin on President Bill Clinton.
by D Ber April 26, 2007
the act of giving a guy head
"yo, was that chick just buffin' you?"
by s-lem May 20, 2007
the unintentional spill over of breast from a bra, causing a muffin of the boobs, hence a buffin.
Ah man, this bra is way to small... i think i have two buffins coming out of my shirt!
by sammeras January 11, 2009
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