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Having a filled out physique with more emphasis placed on muscle mass than definition; swoll.
Jim got buff so the pool would hire him as a lifeguard. Now Jim gets paid $8.50 for sitting under an umbrella.
by scuba steve January 09, 2005
1 7
When someone is goodlooking/appealing to the eye, but also has sex appeal and a certain sensual quality.
That boy we saw in the park today was buff!
by Jenny March 23, 2004
1 7
To sleep; to have slept a lot.
buffing, buffed
"I didn't get any sleep last night so I think I'll go and buff for the rest of the night."
by lalala3872 December 03, 2008
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Nickname for the US Air Force B-52 strategic bomber, referred to as a "Big Ugly Fat Fellow" or "Big Ugly Fat Fucker". Considered a term of endearment when used by aviation types.
The NVA types in Hanoi were a bunch of cocky bastards until Linebacker II (major Vietnam War bomber campaign in December 1972). The sight of all those BUFFs rattling their windows on a daily basis was enough to tighten their sphincters good.
by Speedstan May 19, 2008
3 10
Big Useless Fat Fuck
I'm chasing after that Buff, who i got the Tiida off of.
by Northjacklin August 27, 2007
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If somebody of the opposite sex is attractive (or same sex if you're gay) then you may say that they're buff.
Adrien Brody is buff.
Sacha Baron Cohen is buff, but not as so as Adrien Brody.
Eugene Hutz is buff.
half of Israel's 2007 Eurovision entry are buff.
by bignose June 18, 2007
2 9
Extremely sexy and good looking. Good facial features, nice clothes and nice body
that boy is propa buff!!
by LatinaKaterina November 16, 2004
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