a mildy stupid person
Person 1: I forgot to turn off my oven.
Me: You're such a bucket Go home...
Person 1: im a what..
Me: A Bucket!!
by pseudpodiaarecool January 26, 2013
Bucket, a ratchet or wack person who usually wears a bucket hat
"That kid is such a bucket, check out his bucket hat!"
by Bucketgurl June 13, 2014
A loser
that guy is such a bucket
by ToeChopper December 11, 2013
def 1: a crackhead, or someone who does so many drugs their head is empty like a bucket.

def 2: a homeless teen on the street who does a lot of drugs
1: Were you at the party last night? Jess was so out of it. What a bucket.

2: That bucket over there keeps asking me for smokes.
by Katrina A April 09, 2008
When some one has a very square shaped head, they get called a bucket named after the KFC Variety Bucket.

Most commonly used in North Wales
wasap Bucket? = hey pal
by Nathan Catherall February 11, 2008
Dude, I got kicked in the buckets so hard I puked.
by Lushious L June 12, 2012
A bucket is a disposal unit for Shadows, failures and people obsessed with Hitler…

Over the years the rate of seminal disposal has crept down, but at its peak the one known as bucket could maintain a steady four or five different meat injections a month.

Currently the bucket is red in colour, we believe it is this way to reflect the current visual state of it’s over used differential..

Scientists believe that inseminating the bucket could be detrimental to your health, although this is unproven I’d recommend a wearing a gas mask due to excessive B/O and using a protective layer over your genitalier. Of course if you are actually considering entry be warned that you will fall into one of the aforementioned categories.
Quick Description;

A bucket is a red headed whore that has perfected the art of being a completely useless cunt.

A typical conversation with bucket would read like this…

Bucket: Hey, hows you?
Matt: Fine thanks what you up to later?
Bucket: Ummm not sure you?
Matt: Dunno fancy coming round?
Bucket: Ohh that’d be great hun but I don’t think I can make it tonight…
Matt: But you just said you’re not sure…
Bucket: I know but Stevey called and asked If I can come round…
Matt: B b b bbu bbu but I love you…..!!!
Matt: Hello?
Matt: Bucket??
by KTCFTEL August 15, 2011

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