a mildy stupid person
Person 1: I forgot to turn off my oven.
Me: You're such a bucket Go home...
Person 1: im a what..
Me: A Bucket!!
by pseudpodiaarecool January 26, 2013
Non-cuss word use to replace the word bitch. You never ever want to be around buckets. Unless of course you are one.
"She is such a bucket!!"
by WiseWomen July 05, 2009
Homemade Utensil for smoking cannibus.
Consisting of a plastic drink bottle (eg cola bottle)with the bottom inch cut off.the bottle is then placed into a bucket of water(or kitchen sink)until the neck of the bottle is showing above the water.You then proceed to put on the gauze(tinfoil with small holes in it)tightly around/on the mouthpeice of the bottle and then fill with your desired substance(usually cannabis).Ignite the substance until it turns red,proceed then to slowly pull up the bottle drawing in all the smoke until the bottle is nearly out of the water.Remove the gauze immediately,then press down on the bottle into the water inhaling all the smoke,but sucking at the same time!hey presto.
by megamong May 02, 2009
A bucket is referring to the lowest grade of girls...if you were to call a girl a bucket it would be lower than calling them a whore. Short for cum bucket.
You're absolutely disgusting and fraudulent you bucket.
by DJ ICCEE April 26, 2010
An outrageous device for smoking cannabis, get's one truly fucked.
Ryan: "What the hell are you doing mate??"
Tommy: "I'm making you a facking bucket!"
by comoestasbitches! December 18, 2009
The Slang term for a wide set vagina. Where the vagina is droopy and wide.
Boy 1 : Ooh she has a nice pussy
Boy 2 : No she don't she has a bucket you sick fucker!
by Let's Get Excited April 16, 2009
A term given to a women/lady/girl with a big pussy.

A bucket is normal a pussy that can fit more then 4 fingers inside.
Eww look at that bucket!
Thats a bucket
your sister has a bucket
My ex had a bucket
by DJ babyyyyy March 10, 2009
def 1: a crackhead, or someone who does so many drugs their head is empty like a bucket.

def 2: a homeless teen on the street who does a lot of drugs
1: Were you at the party last night? Jess was so out of it. What a bucket.

2: That bucket over there keeps asking me for smokes.
by Katrina A April 09, 2008

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