a mildy stupid person
Person 1: I forgot to turn off my oven.
Me: You're such a bucket Go home...
Person 1: im a what..
Me: A Bucket!!
by pseudpodiaarecool January 26, 2013
When you are lying down, master bating, and then cum into your belly button.
Last night I made some buckets, like I was Labron.
by Moneyface May 17, 2015
Bucket, a ratchet or wack person who usually wears a bucket hat
"That kid is such a bucket, check out his bucket hat!"
by Bucketgurl June 13, 2014
def 1: a crackhead, or someone who does so many drugs their head is empty like a bucket.

def 2: a homeless teen on the street who does a lot of drugs
1: Were you at the party last night? Jess was so out of it. What a bucket.

2: That bucket over there keeps asking me for smokes.
by Katrina A April 09, 2008
When some one has a very square shaped head, they get called a bucket named after the KFC Variety Bucket.

Most commonly used in North Wales
wasap Bucket? = hey pal
by Nathan Catherall February 11, 2008
Dude, I got kicked in the buckets so hard I puked.
by Lushious L June 12, 2012
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