A large female sex organ.
What a bucket on her. Like waving a flagpole in space.
by Jamie September 12, 2002
Top Definition
A massive vagina
like feeding a tic-tac to a whale
by Milo October 14, 2003
Someone who has shagged so many men that their vagina resembles a flabby bucket.
"That girl has slept with so many men, that she'll have to be buried in a Y-shaped coffin, to accomodate her bucket fanny."
by Debbie Proctor December 23, 2004
one well loose twat
flappy flappy lips
by kev houston July 02, 2004
a deep and wide vagina
Old whores have bucket fannys
by Todd October 23, 2003
very large femine organ
like throwing a sausage down a hallway
by Kyll-Xavier May 12, 2003
Bucket Fanny.

Pron: bûk'ĭt fæni

Derogatory term frequently used to describe a vagina of mammoth proportions, usually the result of frequent, indiscriminate copulation.
Guy 1: "Dude! Remember the time we all got lost in Deborah's bucket fanny?!"

Guy 2: "Yeah, man, that shit was nasty!"
by FoolOfATook May 11, 2009
Like dipping a straw in a container of snot.
by Ady Moff November 07, 2003
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