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5 definitions by Jadeizzle

a phrase used while disco dancing.
but you can only use it on a saturday or friday night when there is a disco ball and you are wearing green
"get jiggy with it"
"but your not wearing green."
by Jadeizzle August 28, 2008
a flavor of bubble gum
"back up, put the gun down, and get me a pack of tropical fruit bubblicious," "and some skittles"
by Jadeizzle June 27, 2008
usually used when texting or typing. it means laugh out loud laughing my ass off rolling on the floor laughing while riding on a helicopter.
Hahaha you are so funny lollmaoroflcopter
by Jadeizzle July 01, 2008
a big toe with a happy face on it

unless it is a sad face then it is called Dig N' Toe
Jade: Tig N' Toe!!!

Sita: OMG WHERE?!!!

Jade: On my toe silly
by Jadeizzle August 28, 2008
a big toe with a sad face on it.

unless it has a happy face it is called Tig N' Toe
Jade: Dig N' Toe!!

Sita: OMG WHERE??!!!!

Jade: On my Toe silly
by Jadeizzle August 28, 2008