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bubble head is also used in the united states navy meaning anyone who servves aboard a submarine is called a bubblehead.
a bubble head is a sailor who is on a submarine
by jeffrey spaziani January 13, 2008
Navy slang for a sailor stationed aboard a submarine. Opposite of a skimmer.
Bubbleheads consider skimmers to be targets that simply haven't been sunk yet.
by Ben Shofner October 14, 2005
A foolish or empty-headed person.
That guy is such a bubblehead. He says the most naive and ignorant things.
by atam July 02, 2005
A really really dumb person that when u ask a question to them they reply with the oppisite of what u are asking.

orgin of word comes from Scarface the movie
Ballz_of_fire:So what's the score of last nights game?

Bubble Head:i was drinking cherry snapple yesterday

Ballz_of_fire:How would you kno Bubble Head?
by Ballz_of_Fire February 01, 2005
A person, usually a person who is selling Real Estate (likely their own home) who thinks the value of thier holdings are the same as when the last 'bubble' in Real Estate happened. Currently, it would be the bubble of 2006 that they refer to. This person, this seller, thinks their home is worth today what it was at the height of the bubble. They are, deluded.
That seller is so crazy if he thinks that dump will command a price that high... he's a total Bubblehead.
by Mister Decent June 26, 2011
an inbred person with a swollen head. commonly found in bum-fuck missouri regions of the US. they are often violent and horny. participate in erratic behavior.
That bubblehead just ate carl.
by the authority on bubbleheads August 03, 2010
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