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To light one's own pubic hair on fire, primarily for the purposes of entertainment.
JD started a brush fire in the middle of the party.
by Bri-Bhaska May 03, 2011
7 2
The act of giving someone a pubic noogie. Either by a persons genitalia during sex or with your knuckles while rough housing.
When my pants were off she gave me a wicked brush fire and now my pubes burn like crazy.

After we were playing around for awhile it got pretty rough and now I need some aloe vera to put out this brush fire.
by brain damage 420 July 03, 2011
2 5
The act of setting the pubic hair from the nether-regions ablaze while the hair is still attached to the person's body.
On Fetish Night at Club 69, Alicia got a little out-of-hand and started a brushfire in her hairy axe wound.
by Prestinian March 22, 2003
4 12