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To have a potentially amazing experience or situation completely and utterly ruined by the lugheaded imbecilic bellowing fans of the Boston Bruins (or other Boston related sports franchises i.e. Red Sux, Nü England Patsies or Sellticks); to be crushed with a deep sense of loss and/or trauma as a result of the dimwitted monosyllabic grunting and brash chest thumping incessantly demonstrated by the conceited repugnant Boston sports cult followers indigenous, though in no way exclusive, to the Bostontoxicated Sulfuric Lakes Region of Eastern Massachusetts.
The Eddie Vedder concert in Providence, RI would have been incredible if it wasn't Bruined by all those Boston jackasses.
by Dr. Catalina Wine Mixer June 27, 2011
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to be raped or to rape, a rapist is a bruin
Jake: Dhue, i was raped!!!
Donahue: Go bruins!

Jake: We got bruined with homework from our english teacher.
by scooter peyton May 30, 2011
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