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Used mostly in the African-American community. A slang term for bro or brother.
"Yo, what up, bruh? I saw you girl in the mall yesterday and she was all up on some other dude."
by deja-denice . December 15, 2009
35 67
Used by african Americans Males in everyday vocabulary or to greet one another
Wassup Bruh!!!

Damn Bruh, Thats yo Gal!? She Fine as Hell
by Jae' June 08, 2005
952 457
Another way of saying bro.
Made unpopular by Pauly Shore.
by LudwigVan December 19, 2003
619 264
a way of greeting a male friend or aquaitance. Originated in the bay area. short for brother. bruh-ther. Not broh-ther. It makes more sense to use this word.
"It's been a while. What have you been up to, bruh?"
"Nothin much. Just workin hella hours."
by justin wellman November 24, 2007
394 188
Referring to a male friend or associate!
Bruh,why is it that today seem like a Friday?
by GrapeASU March 06, 2006
354 180
-1. a person who you cool with coming from either a male/female.
-Wat uhp Bruh!
by Dimples_988 October 21, 2009
156 109
Bruh is slang for "bro" or "friend"

Bro just wasn't cutting it anymore. We needed to add more swag to the name hence the beginning of Bruh.

-ORIGINATED: September 2013
Damn bruh

Come on bruh!
by reliable source 1 March 05, 2014
3 4
a word used by Marc Ayala and is now used throughout all of the US. Means Bruh-ther. Makes more sense to say (Bruh)-ther Rather than (Broh)-ther
Yo Bruh you see that girl?
by JakeLud March 20, 2013
28 31