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Guys, or bros, who like the Disney film Frozen. They usually come in groups and can be easily identified when they sing "Let it Go" as a sign of mutualness, or when they talk about how hot the main characters in the movie are.
"Be a brozen and build a snowman with me."
by Recidivis April 05, 2014
When bros watch Frozen together. There is no crying allowed.
The Brozen sesh ended in Mike getting pantsed for unbrolike behavior during the showing.
by Chuck Bigby June 09, 2014
Disney's Frozen, watched with a bro.
My bro and I were singing while watching Brozen.
by LiquidEgo May 05, 2014
a frozen bro
"hey bro, we've been in the snow for too long, I'm really brozen."

"Dude how did you get locked in the freezer, I bet your totally brozen"
by the big slammu January 29, 2009
another word for bro
"Whats up brozen??"

"Nothing Brozen"
by russj501 October 22, 2007

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