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Having a bowel movement while taking a shower and then using one big toe(s) to try to smash it up so the fecal matter washes down the drain.
I gave myself a brown toe today in the shower after I couldn't make it to the toilet.
by SidLouganis May 27, 2009
When one person slips their big toe into the ass crack of another person.
Chris: Im sleeping here leave me be im not hurting anyone.
Alyssa: (Slips big toe into Chris' ass.)
Chris: AHHHHH GET THAT TOE OUT!! You sneaky Brown Toe Crazy monkey face.
by Zenrid July 28, 2006
When playing hacky sack with sandals on, you pick the hacky sack up by pinching it between your big toe and sandal. This is usually a bad thing because people dont want your dirty nasty feet on their sack.
Av, quit brown toe-ing the hacky sack!
by Rapskalli0n May 23, 2006
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