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The word "Djeet" is is the singular combination of the interogative phrase "Did you eat?" It is a Mid-Atlantic, American-English colloquialism, cheifly used by Philadelphians and in surrounding areas.
"Yo, djeet yet? If not let's go get some cheesteaks."
by SidLouganis February 13, 2009
When cleaning out your anus in the shower, small fragments and clumps of fecal matter that are removed but are too large to wash into the drain holes or stick to the sower mat.
After cleaning my ass in the shower, I noticed there were some Drain Cosbys. I got a brown toe trying to get them down.
by SidLouganis May 27, 2009
Having a bowel movement while taking a shower and then using one big toe(s) to try to smash it up so the fecal matter washes down the drain.
I gave myself a brown toe today in the shower after I couldn't make it to the toilet.
by SidLouganis May 27, 2009
When a person takes a picture from facebook or another social networking website and masurbates to it while simultaneosly watching porn.
Dude, your sister looked so hot at the party last night that I went home and Facebook Crooked her while watching porn.
by SidLouganis May 27, 2009
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