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The name for the older, adult female fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Also See Brony
Dianne is a Pegasister
by PegasisterDDZ July 27, 2011
A pegasister is a type of brony, and a brony is a male viewer of the cartoon My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic on The Hub Tv Network™. A pegasister, using the correct terms, is a female brony. They watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic on The Hub Tv Network™ too but they are females. Some bronies say pegasisters cannot exist, yet others say they are fairly accepted into the neighborhood of bronies. Other types of bronies are /b/ronies. These people troll, usually on 4chan. Some bronies are ashamed of /b/ronies. Others don't care. Some /b/ronies are ashamed of regular bronies and pegasisters. Some people say /p/egasister for female /b/ronies, but not many people do.
Brony 1: Ugh look at that /b/rony!
Brony 2: They are such a disgrace..!
/b/rony: I am ashamed of you people, not trolling others! My people are the ones that make me like MLP: FIM!
Brony 1 and 2: *facepalm* So you only like it for the show?
/b/rony: Of course! Who ACTUALLY likes it?
All Bronies even the ones not listed: US!
Pegasister: I agree!
by ositapink01 @ YOUTUBE November 10, 2011
A new, but not yet official, term for females who watch and enjoy My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. They are mostly in the same age group as your ordinary brony. There is no different brohoof for pegasisters, so it's pretty much the same as being a female brony.

Related words: brony, brohoof, pegasis, My Little Pony
Brony: Welcome to the herd, fellow brony.

Pegasister: What? I'm not a brony. I'm a pegasister.
by Meggie Mayhem April 28, 2012
Word for a female fan of the show My little pony: Friendship is magic.

Basically: The female version of a Brony
Pegasisters and bronies unite! *brohoof*
by RainbowDash August 16, 2011
A Pegasister is a female person who is a fan of the TV series named My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, typically at the age of 13 or older. If you're male on the other hand, you would be known as a Brony. The plural for this term is Pegasisters, and the plural for the male term is Bronies.
Example 1: Hey mate. Did you know that my mother is a Pegasister?
Example 2: Hey mate. Did you know that my father is a Brony?
by James William Smith January 12, 2015
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