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When you try to fit in with a bunch of bros, and you get rejected from the clique because they can smell the fear on you.
"So I was at the bar, and I was talking to this really fine chick. Out of nowhere her bro boyfriend walks up with his friends, and laugh at my collared Hawaiian shirt, then walked away. I completely got brojected."
by SicChicOnMuhDic October 19, 2011
When one bro goes in for a brofist and the other bro pulls away, or refuses to reciprocate said gesture of bromance.
John: HEY!!! Hey!!! Bro!! Brofist!!
Martin: Um..., you're not my bro.


Kane: Brofist, man.
Steve: Brojected.
by Marcl3 March 09, 2013
Usually following a broner, when a male is turned down by one or more of his bros.
Jim: Hey guys, do you want to go out tonight, I hear Chi Phi is having a white party.
Jean: I'm going to stick my dick in your eye.
Roland: *farts*
by DZeezy January 22, 2009
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