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'Chachwagon' a.k.a, f.y.i, (chach+wagon). This is a word used to describe a vehicle full of your friendly neighborhood chaches. This vehicle can range from a 99' Ford Forerunner, to a decked out Mustang Charger. Either way, if you are walking down the street and a Natty Light decks you in the back of your skull, you probably just got harassed by a chachwagon.
-"Dude this party is fucking awesome"
-"I know man the guy:girl ratio in here is spectacular! Oh, wait. FUCK! Here comes the chachwagon!"
-"Damn man, this party went from hopping to a sausage fest really fucking fast..."
by SicChicOnMuhDic October 19, 2011
When you try to fit in with a bunch of bros, and you get rejected from the clique because they can smell the fear on you.
"So I was at the bar, and I was talking to this really fine chick. Out of nowhere her bro boyfriend walks up with his friends, and laugh at my collared Hawaiian shirt, then walked away. I completely got brojected."
by SicChicOnMuhDic October 19, 2011

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